Lou is a short Comic I illustrated for my Bachelor Thesis. It’s based on a cooperatively written story where 19 participants wrote three to seven sentences to create together the adventurous story of Lou.

After the story was created with the help of some lovely friends it was time to create the Character Designs for the main character Lou and her fox companion. Afterwards I focused on Background Concepts such as Lous Room and House. These were followed up by a storyboard and rough sketches for the panles and pages. Finally it was time to start drawing each and every panel with a final sketch, tace it with ink, fill in the color and overlay the shadow.

The comic consists of thirteen comic pages like these bellow and twelve text pages to simultaneously read the story. I chose a mixture of image and text to keep the story as close to the original as possible while also mantaining the spirit of the cooperativly written text and keeping the workload on a manageable level.